The Protector Course is a week-long intensive designed to activate useful ethical humans by providing training in the physical and moral skill sets which assist the protector to fulfill their role and duties in any context of life. By immersing yourself in the science, art and philosophy of the protector with a group of like minded people, life itself becomes your guide and you leave transformed and inspired knowing that everyone is safer because you are there.


  • Audience: This program is available to the civilian and military population nationwide and protectors of all types. Especially useful for peace keepers, leaders, teachers, martial artists, and anyone in the field of protection, security, and peace making.
  • Location: Tribal Edge primal arts training center in Blyn, Wa. USA. (Link to directions here.) We also offer this course by request at your location.
  • Cost: 900 (plus expenses at your location)
  • Dates: August 25-31, 2019
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Instructors: Ben Sanford & Christopher Harley