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Martial art Seminar 5/25/19

Sikal Salemetan (Gathering) 6/29-30/19

Past Events

Martial Art Seminar 3/23/19

Martial Art Seminar 2/23/19

Martial Madness! 2/15/19

Martial Art Seminar 1/26/19

Event Details

Primal Fitness Seminar

10:00-11:30 am


Next event: Saturday 12/29/18

Martial Arts Seminar

12:30-4:00 pm


Next event: Saturday 2/23/19

Martial Madness

6:00 pm - ?


Next event Saturday: 2/15/19

This community offering includes a workout, martial arts training, dinner (potluck) and movie! Lots of fun for everyone . Open to friends, family and public (18 and older).

Let us know you want to come


Hero Lab Intro

10:00 am - 11:30