We train everyday heroes.

What is a Hero?

From the Greek word Heros meaning "Protector", Heroes are people who put themselves at risk to act on behalf of others in need with no expectation of reward. Heroes are ordinary people who, when presented an opportunity, act on the natural biological imperative to preserve life. The first to respond, Heroes activate the Heroic potential in others by demonstrating how to take effective action in challenging situations.

How do we do it?

By training ordinary people in life supporting skills while practicing an ethical lifestyle supported by a moral mindset.

Next Events

2019 Schedule


Sat /27/19

Martial Art Seminar

12:30-4:00 pm


Friday 5/24/19

Martial Madness

6:00 pm- ?

Sat 5/25/19

Martial Art Seminar

12:30 - 4:00


Sat 6/2/19 - Sun 6/30/19

Sikal Selamatan (Gathering)

With Guru Ken Pannell

Training method


  • Situational awareness, observation, sensory acuity, and instinctive mindfulness practices


  • Primal fitness through functional movement practice and play

Martial Arts

  • Combative skills of safety and protection, deescalation


  • Communication, improvisation, cooperation, influence, elemental and environmental strategy


  • Attitude, empathy, resilience, appropriate moral and legal action


  • Leadership, survival skills, preparedness, emergency response, escape and evasion

What others have to say

"Hero Training reaches into all aspects of life in a way that I have yet to experience elsewhere. It challenged me in many ways, forged meaningful friendships that continue today."

"Hero Training inspires a curiosity that is fundamental to positive learning and the possibility of learning from anything or anyone. I almost don’t even notice its influence on my life, but in moments of reflection I notice a willingness to learn from anybody through connection and curiosity. To me, this not only makes life more fun, but also increases my potential to grow and contribute."

"You won’t get immediate results, you won’t walk away a super hero,... instead you will be greeted by something far more refreshing -- real people, like you and I, training together and supporting each others ambitions ...It will be reinforced that you already are a hero. Here you have the support to grow your capacity to be a healthy, happy and ethical human. If that’s something that interests you, I look forward to training with you."